Saundra ButlerSaundra Butler

Love the way she does my pedicure recommend me her�

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Shon Shane BooneShon Shane Boone

Nail LOLLY SHOP by Trish she is the best i love how she takes her time in what she does...she really cares about the nails and feet give you good advice on what needs to be done......and you will have good conversations with her...

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Jenee ChambersJenee Chambers

Trish really takes her time and is very gentle with your hand and feet. I am a full time stylist and she also gave me the best advise how to keep my nails healthy!! If your looking for a great nail tech I recommend that you go to Nail Lolly Shop!

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Alisa WoodsAlisa Woods

I went to Nail Lolly Shop for the first time in February 15, I am only just getting around to reviewing it now.

First off, the salon was impeccably clean, bright, privacy looking. The massage chairs and equipment all appeared brand new, beautiful, and were *very* comfortable. It was calm, quiet, and extremely relaxing to be there. Additionally, the tools they used on my nails were opened from individually sealed packages; it seems like they autoclave their metal tools to ensure sterility before using them on your nails (not sure on this point, but that's my guess based on the sealed packages I saw).

At that time, there was a deal on their grand opening on a biggest pedicure package - the aromatic Pedicure - so that the price was temporarily reduced from $55 to $44, so I decided to give it a try. I spent over an hour getting the pedicure and all the various treatments, including aromatic butter, callous removal (I didn't happen to have any callouses so this step was kind of painful and thankfully finished pretty quickly), exfoliation with sugar scrub and aroma scrub, foot mask, reflexology massage with the aromatice butter, paraffin wax treatment, and lower leg massage with scented oil. This. Was. Awesome. I am *definitely* treating myself to this experience at least several times a year.

My nail technician did a great job on my pedicure and the color lasted more than 2 weeks. Pedicure = 5/5!

Overall, it was a relaxing, clean, and calming place to get pampered. My combined aromatic pedicure and regular manicure experience ended up costing about $70 plus tip; this was actually a pretty good deal since I got the special discount for the pedicure package. I would definitely recommend trying it out, especially if they do another special discount on pedicures!

Jalyn LagmanJalyn Lagman

I recommend MY nail tech Trish rather than any other. She has phenomenal sales. She doesn’t charge much for extraordinary work. Love her much

Keena CourtneyKeena Courtney

I have been a loyal customer of Kim for 25 years. I wear a short cut that Kim perfects every time. She keeps my hair healthy with the products and timing of chemicals that she uses. I can’t say enough about her specialty in natural hair. It’s is amazing how silky and smooth she transform natural hair to silky and straight with no chemicals. She is the best and so are her clients. The atmosphere is always calm and friendly.
Lakeena Bruno

Kellie LotusKellie Lotus

Trish does very great nail work, gentle, and I would recommend her to any of my friends or family. She’s definitely my first choice.

Kena MKena M

Nail Lilly Shop inside of Heavenly Hair was a wonderful experience. Trish did a great job and used sanitary procedures when doing my mani/pedi. Definitely returning!