Nail Enhancements

We enhance every nail design to your desire, and we have all trendy nails on top of the Nail industry at our location. We Provide everything you named it Chrome nails, Unicorns, Sea Shell, SNS, Gel Nail Polish, Matte and more.


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Nail Enhancement

Acrylic/Overlay Full Set                   $28/$28

Acrylic/Overlay Fill in                       $16/$16

Gel Powder Full Set w/regular
Polish/Fill In                                     $35/$25

Gel Powder full set w/gel
polish/ Fill in                                    $40/$30

Manicure Gel Polish/
Pedicure                                            $30/$40

Pink and White Full Set/
Fill In                                                $50/$40

Pink Fill only                                     $25

Liquid Gel Full Set/ Fill In             $45/$35

SNS Dip Powder Full Set/
Fill In                                                 $40/$40

French SNS Full Set                       $50

Pink and White SNS Full Set       $55

Ombre SNS Color Full Set            $55

Ombre SNS Pink and White
Full Set                                             $60

Gel Powder Full Set with
Chrome                                      $65

Polish Change

Hand/Feet Reg Polish                               $8/ $10
Reg French                                                   $10 $12
Gel w/reg polish hand/feet                      $15/$15
Gel w/French reg Polish hand/feet       $18/ $18
Gel Polish with Soak off                           $25 /$30

Add on Services
Cut Down                                                        $3
Acrylic on Toes new/ refill                          $5
Acrylic/Gel Repair                                     $3/$5
Take off acrylic or gel w/without/set     $5/$10
Paraffin                                                             $7
French                                                               $5
Buff Shine                                                        $5
Mountain Peak/ Coffin shape                      $5
1 full diamond design                                    $10
1 half diamond design                                    $5
1 Unicorn design                                             $8
1 foil/chrome/holographic nail design      $5
1 seashell design                                             $7
1 custom design                                              $10
*Unicorn nail seashell and custom
nail design will be add some diamond
accent to enchante the design .

2/4/6/10 Designs Hand                         $5/8/10/15
Feet                                                             $5/6/8/12
Diamonds price can be change based on design styles
2 full designs                                             $15
2 half designs                                            $6
3 d design by hand is depending on design Fashion Charm
Jewelry Design by piece                         $5

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